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LCD in cold-weather conditions?

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  • LCD in cold-weather conditions?

    I'm currently looking at the Lilliput 629 double-din kit in the mp3car store, and I'm wondering how do these, or any, LCDs handle extremely cold weather? I live in Maine where the nighttime winter temp can reach 30 below. Heck, last January we set a new state record at 50 below, and one night around there my el cheapo nettop got left in the car overnight and the glass cracked. I want to know if these LCDs are designed to handle those kind of temperatures, either on or off, and if not, if there's anything on the market that can. Thanks for any insight!

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    check the environmental forum area: there has been a couple posts from users in cold areas-- it seems that most will not turn on, or refuse to display proper colors until they warm up
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      my lilliput 619 and xenarc 700tsv both survived calgary weather (-30*C or below) with no issue, other than the initial dimmed color when first start.


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        Wow, I completely overlooked the environmental forum, thanks for the info


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          Get an LCD with the newer LED backlight, they wont dim in the cold. Keep in mind that with the traditional ccfl backlighting, their life is significantly shorter if you operate in the cold. I think about 500hrs at 0C, vs 15k + hrs at 20C.


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            I've had my lcd survive three Boston winters no problem what so ever. It can sometimes take a little longer to turn on or get bright, but works great otherwise.