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  • TouchScrenn Protection Zagg InvisibleShield

    Hi Guys,

    anybody using a Zagg Invisibleshield to protect the touchscreen?

    I plan on getting a big shield like this one:

    I have an 8" CFT800 so I can cut this in two or three pieces and have some spare shield just in case.

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    I have probably not tested the product from Zagg, but here at work we have a fancy dancy printer with touch interface. This have a "industry grade protection film", and I almost break the glass/screen every time I press on it...

    Why? Because it so slow to register my inputs, and I'm to impatient to wait for it to register it, so I press even harder lol...

    Before we got this protection film, the touchscreen where fairly OK.. Crap compared to IR Touch, but still fairly OK.


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      well I have the Zagg shield on my Iphone and it behaves great !!!!


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        I had a zagg shield on my previous phone. Did a great job protecting the phone from scratches. But I found it a bit tacky feeling. I'm currently using a Bodyguardz protector on my phone and find it much smoother. Of course this is just based on my preference (and on a phone). Both screen protectors didn't affect the screen responsiveness too much.


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          I ordered a ZAGG shield (EELO 22 inches). I Will cut it to 3 or 4 pieces to use on my 8 inches touchscreen and report the results.



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            Originally posted by hadaak View Post
            well I have the Zagg shield on my Iphone and it behaves great !!!!
            The iPhone has a capacitive touch screen, it's not as effected by a screen protector as a resistive touch screen.