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Need new touch glass for LM-7508

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  • Need new touch glass for LM-7508


    I was riding through the desert two days ago and stumbled across a headunit that had been abused and left in the sand.

    It had been there for a while.

    I took it home and took it apart, and spent hours cleaning it out (Still not done on the dvd drive) replacing 2 burst power coupling capacitors, lots of cleaning and electrical connection verification, and I got it to actually power up.

    The LCD screen is scratched quite a bit, and the anti reflective coating has corroded off in some areas, but it works.

    However, while kicking it around, my guess is whoever left it out there kicked the touch screen glass, because it is not there are all, and I found a shard inside the unit.

    So my question is this, it has a 6.5" screen. It is a 4 wire unit, I assume resistive, how do I get another touch glass for this unit? I am an expert in soldering so the wire orientation is of no importance.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    I don't recall exactly but I think I remember seeing that button layout on some of the cheaper display units. Dual or Farenheit maybe? If so, the cost of the screen may not be worth it...

    Don't mean to be a downer. I could be wrong. Anybody else recognize it?


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      Thanks for the reply. Actually, i believe this unit has been rebadged several times. The way I found it was by typing the motherboard model, which yielded the Innovatek find.

      The unit actually says "Elite" as the manufacturer but there is not a single result for it on the internet.

      The motherboard says LM-7508, and I have seen it through several importers.

      I am trying to price out the LCD touch pad, and it looks promising, I believe $20-50, but I am taking a huge chance, that the resistance specifications may not line up and I will have wasted my money.

      I also contacted an importer who says he can sell me the remote, which will actually take the place of the touch pad. I would still like the touch pad, though.

      P.S. What do I do with the wire that says "Hand brake"?