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700TSV & DG45CLF2 800x480 *success*

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  • 700TSV & DG45CLF2 800x480 *success*

    I bought this motherboard to replace my MII12000 because it wouldnt do 800x480 without a PCI video card....


    On the bench, I was testing it out...i had an entry to [email protected] in the adapter modes, but when i selected it I had a huge black area at the top and the screen was squished down..the unit was reporting 800x600

    So i started doing researching here on mp3car forums, read for hours and didnt really see much on the subject besides the 49 page thread about the board itself. But eventually I came across some IEGD drivers that were supposed to work for the Xenarcs & the 945G graphics

    Again, that did the same as above.

    So then I tried Powerstrip using the settings specified on Xenarc's website. That worked, but every time i changed screens in RR it would flash and I would always get the display of the resolution. That wasnt going to work.

    Then I downloaded the IEGD v10 builder pack and started creating a custom driver. I used the information in powerstrip, along with DTD Caculator to get some more information

    With the values set, I copied the Calculated DTD value and used it building the driver in IEGD10

    4E 0C 20 C8 30 E0 2D 10 40 3C C3 04 00 00 00 00 00 18

    I wasnt 100% sure that it would work, but it was perfect! The screen reports 800x480 @ 60hz and looks great. Text is clear and solid, and Im happy.

    Hopefully this can help someone else.
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    Thanx for your effrots Mate, good one!

    I'm sure all those guys with 700TSV's will be very happy Nice Christmas pressie, this one, hehe.
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      Thanks my friend.

      I found a solution with your settings in a Prology Car screen.
      The exactly DTD is 4E 0C 20 C8 30 E0 2D 10 12 3C 93 04 00 00 00 00 00 18 ([email protected]) in 945G Express foxconn mainboard.

      Thanks a lot.
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