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Quick release connectors for Touchscreen

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  • Quick release connectors for Touchscreen

    The area I'm not satisfied with at the moment is how I can remove the monitor from the car. I'm in the process of sorting out the mounting but has anyone come up with a better way of connecting the cables? I did think about splitting the cable from the monitor (The wire it uses is 24 core). Then put a 25 pin D connector on one end and the other end connected to a flush mounted socket the dashboard. The cable has a really fine connector on one end and VGA, Com cable and 3 composites at the other. It's got to be better than using individual extension leads to the other ends. Just a little nervous about chopping cables about! Has anyone done it? Or come up with a better solution?

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    Xenarc VGA Cables

    Has anyone done this? Also does anyone know where you can get a spare cable that comes with the xenarc/gain as I would like to have a spare cable if i'm going to cut my existing cable in two.

    The cable has an unusual connector which connects into the xenarc, does anyone know what this connector is called, and whether cables with this connector are generally available?


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      Not only didn't I manage to find a quick release system I've also ripped the connector of the board in the back of the Xenarc. I took it into a repair shop who charged me 40 to fix it. 2 days later it was off again! The worst piece of design I have ever seen.


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        No idea if you can get another cable, and where from?

        I just want another cable so i can keep a short length cable permanently connected, and then connect the other end to a connector on the dash. This will allow me to take teh monitor out when i leave, and not have to remove the flimsy connector from the xenarc each time.

        Do you now if this connector is specific to Xenarc, or whether I could get one from somewhere else - i don't know the name of the connector, so it's v hard to search for it on the web!!