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Lilliput EBY701 Blue Hue problem?

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  • Lilliput EBY701 Blue Hue problem?

    I have been using a Lilli 701 for over 2 years in my car pc. It's been out of it's housing and mounted into a bybyte frame for over a year which means board, ribbon cable etc is exposed behind my dash. Recently I've been getting random blue hue as random times while I'm using the screen (ie vga connection). The pc will boot up as normal then I start driving look down and there it is. Drive for a bit more and back to normal. Basically looks like all the images are tinted blue. The touch screen still works perfect and I don't get this using my back up camera which is hooked up to the rca input on the screen. I've checked the vga connection at the pc to ensure it's not loose and that's ok. My next step is to take my dash apart to see what's going on behind it. Before I do this (lord knows I don't wanna rip up my dash again) has anyone had a similar experience?

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    It probably has something to do with your VGA cable, connector, or the ribbon that connects to the VGA plug. Because i have seen broken vga cables when they have problems, it will tint your screen different colors.



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      Yup, I'd suspect the same. Sounds like your Red signal is dropping in and out. I had the same issue, my solution though was zip-tying my VGA extension cable together with my monitor VGA cable, it would slowly jiggle loose.

      Try RevFE
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        Ok. Once I get around to ripping up my dash and post what I find. I'm on vacation right now.