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Well, I've bought a screen, but I won't know how good it is for a little while.

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  • Well, I've bought a screen, but I won't know how good it is for a little while.

    I've found and bought an LCD panel.
    Not TFT, unfortatley, but STN LCD panel.

    Here it is

    It is intended for a PS2, and they claim a 130degree viewing angle.

    Takes a 12V input (will run from the PSU 12v line).

    tried it with the DVD player at home using a VCD, sound through the speakers acceptable, picture not bad. Will need to work hard on getting the angle right though.

    As it is 7.2" wide, and contains speakers, it is a very wide case. As I plan to run sound through an FM modulator, not the screen speakers, I guess I will be chopping the case down, and possibly filling the gap with a section of sheet MDF painted in satting black to match.

    I have had the case apart, and can't go as Narrow as I would like, as board below the screen runs quite a bit wider than it.

    I'm going to modify the Hinge stops to allow me to fold it back further than present, and also narrow the base. Biggest problem I reckon I'm going to encounter is getting it high enough with it obscuring the road. Had planned to completley recase it, but that will have to wait for now.

    Next thing is a touchscreen. Any idea if the DigitalW 7" touches will work with a 7.2" panel?
    4x4 in a turbo stylee.

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    How much was it? I am thinking you got a good deal because I thought you were going to get a Xenarc type screen originally..


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      It was 99.95.

      Was going to go the Xenarc route, but this came up.

      As the prices for the Xenarc from the UK were going to be About 395 ish, or more if Falken ended up being VAT registered, I couldn't really justify that much.

      It's more than my Saab turbo cost me.

      I thought seeing as this is the MK1 Car PC, I would start basic, and the next generation one could be miniturised, and use much better parts.

      biggest problem I have is working out what and where to cut out to reduce the width of the casing.

      Was either Comet or Currys (think it was Comet), they had that 7.2" STN, and a game cube 5" screen that didn't state what it was. That was also the same prce so may have been a TFT, and it came with a car adaptor.

      With the $100+Shipping that DigitalWW are charging for the 7" touch screen, I should be able to get the whole thing together for under 200.
      4x4 in a turbo stylee.