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Blurred/Distorted Bios and Windows Loading Issues

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  • Blurred/Distorted Bios and Windows Loading Issues

    Hi there....first thread here, but I've spent a good deal of time reading around this helpful forum.

    Just finished up the hard work on my 2000 BMW 323i carputer install.

    I'm using a Xenarc 706TSA screen, which is great, but I'm annoyed by the issues that I have when booting--Windows XP looks just fine. The BIOS, system check, and Windows loading screen all look like an old VCR with massive tracking issues. The images displayed are all garbled. The horizontal alignment is correct, but the vertical alignment is way off. (See attached pic)

    The 'physical' resolution of the screen is 800x480. My motherboard is a ZOTAC GF9300-I-E. I'm wondering if there's a fix for this... maybe the resolution of the monitor isn't supported by my onboard graphics card during boot?

    Sorry if this is a common issue...I didn't know what was the best adjective to search for in describing my issue.

    Thanks in advance!
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    The BIOS screen has the same issue. Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.