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Anyone played with the new 8" HD Lilliput LCDs?

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  • Anyone played with the new 8" HD Lilliput LCDs?

    I was browsing Lilliput's product page and saw this screen 869GL-80NP/C/T:

    It is an 8" widescreen with HDMI and DVI input, (as well as composite). So I was curious if anyone has used this screen in a build yet? Specifically I would like to know the dimensions of the screen with the bezel removed if anyone has this info.

    What I want to do is see if I can squeeze a widescreen 8" monitor into my e46 3 series BMW. I know there are some really great custom made 7" bezels for this size dash opening, but it looks like I might be able to get a slightly larger screen in that space. It would also be nice to use HDMI/DVI to connect my CarPC for a (theoretically) higher quality video connection. (I haven't played with analog/digital video connections for small screens so I really don't know).

    If anyone has any thoughts on this or has torn one apart and can tell me the dimensions, I would greatly appreciate it.