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Lilliput EBY701-NP & Double Din ABS Frame

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  • Lilliput EBY701-NP & Double Din ABS Frame

    Looking to buy a new 7"TS...right now I have the old Lilliput 619 that the TS doesn't work any more. I'm looking to get this monitor (Lilliput EBY701-NP/C/T 7" VGA Touchscreen with Backup Camera Wiring) and wanted to know if the (Black Double Din ABS Frame For Lilliput 629-GL or EYB-701
    ) will fit it.

    It say for EYB-701 but the monitor is EYB-701-NP.

    Thanks Soloxp

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    82 looks, No one knows? Is this not a good touch screen. I don't want to pay 250+...but if I have then I have too.


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      Well just in case anyone wanted to know...I email mp3car and it will fit.


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        Originally posted by soloxp View Post
        Well just in case anyone wanted to know...I email mp3car and it will fit.
        I just bought this for my 08 Tundra. I also bought the Mentra Bezel for a double din deck. It fit but the ring that came with the Mentra didn't. The ABS Trim on the screen was Juuuuust short on either side. I just broke out the Dremel and ground down the inside of the ring and it looks really good.

        The screen doesn't quite fit in a Double Din but with some creativity is can be done fairly easily.


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          One last note. The screen works great but it takes more pressure than my Xenarc. The Xenarc has 5 wire technology but their button placement made it hard to fit into bezel and they didn't offer a remote control solution. This is why I moved to the Lilliput screen. I haven't installed it yet but I have it in the bezel and let me tell ya; looks real gooooood. I post some pics when I take some.


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            I got my DD ABS form about 6-7mouths ago...It didn't work with my old 619 lilliput. But now I have the new EBY701 and it fit. It's going in an 08 cobalt.

            I should have it install this weekend if the weather is good and waiting on the infra red remote control sensor. I have no problem with touching the screen light.





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              You can actually buy them already fitted into the Double Din frame. It is the EYB-701. The buttons are moved and the remote IR sensor is on the front.


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                I plan on doing the same but for my wifes 2004 BMW X5. I just bought the Metra Kit which also has the Bezel.

                I also bought the harness adapter from a local audio shop.