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Help identifying 8" touchscreen

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  • Help identifying 8" touchscreen

    So I must first appologize for typos or bad puctuation/spacing. I am currently in the middle of rewiring/upgrading all my audio/video and data wiring throughout my house. So I am typing this from my iPhone. Here is a picture of the screen in question.

    It is an 8" non widescreen. The tag on the back says it is an Innolux model AT080TN42 V.1

    Does anyone have any detailed specs on this screen? It came to me already dismantled with no frame case or bezel. I know what to do with the screen basically I am a little fuzzy on the details but am still reading up. I like the screen alot and it fits perfectly into my vw mk4 gti dash. There is also this connector shown in the pic below I know it is a crappy picture. And the other 2 pictures show where this mystery connector connects to the board in 3 different spots. What is this connector? Or could someone point me in the right direction for info I don't mind reading.

    sorry forgot to include these hope they help. Also was wondering since the screen did not come with a remote is there anyway to get a replacement? I guess I would need to find out what monitor it came from first.

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    Am I asking the wrong questions or in the wrong place? I'm sorry I am new to carputers and this site. Please advise if I al doing somethig wrong?


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      there are a couple members that might know, but usually, it is tough to figure out, esp. without any bezel...

      try sending a pm to one of the mods to request that the thread be moved to the lcd/display forum-- it might be better noticed there.
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        Thank you very much for the advice I will MSG a mod and see what they can do.


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          Thread moved to LCD forum.

          Since you don't have a bezel, my guess is that one of those cables goes to the buttons that probably were on the bezel. Like, to a circuit board with buttons or button traces on it.

          Also, figure out which boards are the touchscreen controller, backlight power supply, and controller. If you can figure out the cables that go to one or the other, you can sometimes figure out the ones that are left over.

          Also, post some clearer pics from a good camera. Someone here will be able to help, I'm sure.
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            click here for data sheet for the lcd itself. the controller attached is probably more of a mystery & is probably propritary to whoever manufactured a complete lcd with that panel. if you can't get any info or figure out the controller you could alweays source another new controller that would utilize that lcd & it'll come with everything you need to get up & running no problem, including the button panel for the adjustments menu & everything... question then becomes is it worth the cost or is it better to just get a whole new monitor. can't even tell from your pictures if the controller attached is even a vga controller or just a composite video input type controller really... if it is just a composite controller then it's no good for a carpc anyway...
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              I will put up better pictures tonight. There is a board off the monitor with buttons and an I/R sensor on it. There is a USB plug, a power plug, and a serial plug. They are all plugged in I do not see any components missing that arent on other screens I have seen. But I have never noticed these loose wires on any others I have seen. BTW Thank you for moving this to the LCD forum.