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LILLIPUT 629GL-70NP/C/T auto switching

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  • LILLIPUT 629GL-70NP/C/T auto switching

    I have this monitor hooked up to my carputer for about a year now and to make a long story short I decided I want to hook up a rearview camera. I've searched the forums and thay all seem to be dated all claiming that this is imposibble without a pic board and resistors... I also noticed that they are now being sold with this tag line:"Auto-trigger means 629GL-70NP/C/T auto-switches to rearview camera display if ur car is equiped with a camera and on reverse.(optional, $8 more)Pls choose"Auto-trigger" if you like. It comes with no Auto-trigger function by default." I've even seen some on ebay saying that by connecting one 12v trigger wire will do the auto switch. Does anyone have more info on this new mod? an extra $8-$10 is pretty cheap but these retailers dont sell the mod by itself. (i think its the green wire in the picture below) Thanks

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    check this out if anyone is interested doing this


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      Did you try this mod? I've got a new EBY-701 and just ordered the parts to do the same thing. These monitors share the same board so it should work.

      I'm wondering if you had to change a menu setting as stated on your linked site, or if it just works...

      I'll probably end up taking pictures and documenting my work because this is something I had a really hard time researching but this seems to be the answer.


      For anyone looking for more information, I posted a thread with pictures and a description on this forum

      Thanks Dgr8wun!