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Apple does away with analog s-video output

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  • Apple does away with analog s-video output

    In case you did not notice....Apple has offically killed all analog output on every device it makes from now on. This makes compatibility with most flip down monitors non existent. Not that S-video shopuld not be done away with, but it would have been nice to know this before spending 600 on an alpine monitor which has no dv input!
    I Bought the new mac mini 2.53 ghz, upgraded to 8 mb of memory, then 500 gb hd. I took it to my installer and tried to hook it up to my alpine 505 head and alpine flip down 10" and all I got was scramble through the mini display port to s-video.
    Luckily they took it all back (1300.00 )because I bought it on the advice of a Mac Idiot who had no idea that Apple had decided to secretly make the analog video out obsolete.

    Now I will look for a flip down full vga computer compatible monitor or HDMI and trash the alpine!
    ANY SUGGESTIONs?.......HDMI? 10 in flip down would be nice nevermind the overkill.