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Twinview from 2010 range rover

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  • Twinview from 2010 range rover


    Its time for me to start putting another system together. My mother got a 09 outlander xls v6 with paddle shifters but no navi. Have any of you heard of the new twinview on the 2010 range rovers? The driver sees navigation screen and the passenger a movie at the same time. Any insight on how this works?


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    Thats hot


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      Screens like this are usually normal LCD screens with a special filter on the front. It blocks the odd rows of pixels when you are on one side and the even rows when you are on the other side. Your software needs to be able to interlace your two applications and run them correctly. You also lose 1/2 the resolution of the screen for each user.


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        The hardware is around. Lilliput is capable of scaling upto 1600x1200, a custom resolution of 1600x600 is possible making two equal 800x600 displays. Now the question is software. Need to find out what video card/system is driving that range rover display. There are a couple laptops with similar technologies maybe look into those. Currently at work and have to run off to class but I'm sure I'm not the only one interested in implementing this!!



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          Scaled up images won't work. The filter works on the physical pixel level of the screen. You still can only have two 400x600 screens or 400x480 screens. You might be able to scale a higher res source into the screen, but you are still short pixels so text will look bad.

          It works fine if you do a totally custom skin for it, but normal windows text will be unreadable.


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            Not to mention that one of the screens will have to be view only - no touch.


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              that is SICK!!

              anyway..yea its entirely possible just not even remotely easy. The easiest way would probably be a dualview display with a custom video driver that did the interlacing. Theres no way higher level software could pull that effect OS has those graphical functions in their api.

              So display for both passengers=easy....two=very very difficult without the right hardware.
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                Higher level software could do it easily. Just render the two images, interlace them, then display them to the screen.