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Lilliput 629 - No response from plugging in USB

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  • Lilliput 629 - No response from plugging in USB

    Hi Guys,

    I recently performed an in-dash conversion of my lilliput 629. The I was having weird issues with the usb cable when its all been put back together.

    The first problem was that the USB cable was powering the backlight of the lcd monitor? This was weird... pulling out the usb cable turned off the backlight and made the screen very dark, it was still on and displaying but almost unreadable.. (i guarantee this was happening).

    After much screwing around trying to check the pinout of the cable, different usb ports, different pc, etc, the issue with the backlight has disappeared. The monitor is displays with the backlight even WITHOUT the usb cable in...

    Regardless. The usb cable when connected into the pc, yields no change. The pc just does not know its connected, AT ALL. As if there is no signal coming through from the controller board.

    There seems to be continuity with the cable in the accordance with this pinout..

    Courtesy of this thread -

    Can anyone advise me how i should go about testing?

    All the ribbon cables are in tact.

    I am highly suspecting there is something wrong with the actual cable, and not the touch controller board.

    All thanks in advance for replies. Cheers.

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    Have just ordered a 4-wire usb touchscreen controller from china. Hopefully I should be able to plug the capacitive screen into the controller and plug straight into usb and it should work.

    Bump for any helpful info regarding the above?

    I saw in a post elsewhere that 2008 (integrated usb touch controllers) 629's ARE supposed to be backlit via USB.. Mine is backlit without the USB in currently...

    With all the genius' on here someone must be able to help me!

    Again thanks in advance!


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      Bump for some help..?

      I assume that my usb controller has died.. Can anyone help me out with testing it?