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Remote for Xenarc 700TSV

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  • Remote for Xenarc 700TSV

    I did a quick search, but didn't find an answer. What IR remotes will work on this? I just want to replace the control of the front case buttons. Maybe the screen came with one and I can't find it anymore as mine is circa 2004.

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    Call support, I think they have them for sale. I bought mine (2007 version) from them after I lost it. I think it was about 15 or 20 bucks, I may be wrong.

    Without the original I doubt you can make any other remote work.
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      Dang. I wanted something cheaper. I was hoping it's receiver just used some generic codes making a cheap remote feasible. How about the Lilli remote? I see they have one in the store for $4. Anyone know if it'll work?