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Looking for a <7" screen

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  • Looking for a <7" screen

    I want to add in another screen in my dash under my main screen - to display extra information, only problem is all the decent res screens out there are over 7". I am looking for something in the 4" wide area or smaller. There is this:

    its about 2.5" by 1.5"

    but it is very low res and although it would do, I would like something nicer. Has anyone else looked into anything like this before?
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    Double Display Setup

    I had the same idea for my display setup.

    For my main screen, I was going to use a 7" double DIN touchscreen. I would mainly run my front end software on it. For my secondary screen, I was looking to find something similar to Hitachi's TX16D18VM2CQB LCD display module (it's a 6.2" touchscreen module with an 800x300 screen resolution... perfect for showing information and/or controlling the current function of the main screen front end software). I'm still in the planning stages, but my layout would have a Blu-Ray drive on top, the secondary screen in the middle and the main screen below. Once I have designed it out, I will post some 3D images on the forum.

    Have a good day