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Car/Dash/Mirror Monitor Help and Advice Needed Please

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  • Car/Dash/Mirror Monitor Help and Advice Needed Please

    I'm brand new to everything car PC and would greatly appreciate any insight, advice, and/or assistance anyone may offer.

    I've done as much preliminary research as I can figure, and real-world expertise is what I need most.


    Implement a video display unit in lieu of a rear view mirror to serve the dual purpose of providing a video camera feed from an always-on rear-view camera (in a windowless cargo van) with auto-switch capabilities for a dedicated backup camera when in reverse.

    I would ideally prefer to mount the display where a conventional rear view mirror would be located. If possible, I would like to preserve the option of adapting the monitor to the double-DIN in-dash head unit to replace the existing audio system and add navigation/CarPC capabilities at a future date.


    1. Can someone recommend the best monitor for this purpose, preferably one with an auto-switch between two composite RCA video input signals?

    2. Is Xenarc or Lilliput generally superior to the other?

    3. What is the primary difference(s) between the Lilliput 629 and EBY701 monitors? Do the "NP/C/T" model designators have a specific meaning?

    4. Are there any 7" (or thereabouts) monitors (with auto-switching) that come in generic casing (i.e. without prominent branding)?

    5. Does any product exist that would provide head-unit functionality that could interface with an in-dash touch-screen that wouldn't require a full-blown CarPC? (i.e. that would allow me to go straight to in-dash mounting which would require me to remove the OEM head unit and audio system altogether)?

    6. I've seen rear-view mirror-shaped LCD monitors on eBay. As it would be ONLY used for camera display, I'd have no problem using one IF it's of reasonable quality. Has anyone tried one of these and do they know if it supports auto-switching?


    If cost is reasonable (in the $250 range), I wouldn't hesitate to buy a specialized monitor that would work best when mounted as a rear-view mirror and then reinvest if and when the time would come to mount the entire system in-dash and add a CarPC/Audio component.

    I'm a hopeless "stock freak". Whenever possible, I strive to avoid anything I may add to the vehicle looking like it didn't come from the factory (hence my affinity for a lack of branding). Any advice with this in mind would be particularly valued.

    Sincere thanks, in advance, for any guidance available.

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    the best place i can think of, is to send you over to zx1's build thread, near the end-- he is using a rear view replacement, and it sems to work good for hime...
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