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HELP!!! Stupid White Line!

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  • HELP!!! Stupid White Line!

    I had a problem with Windows XP booting up on my carputer after I adjusted the resolution... Windows would startup and then the ELO Touchscreen would turn off... SO into safe mode no problem and resotred it.. Windows then booted fine.. well I leave it alone for like 10 mins while I'm cleaning up and come back to it and there's this white line all the way horizontially across the lower-middle part of my LCD display, the touchscreen is fine and so is the video but now I have this damn white line across it and it's ugly.

    It's not the cable because the line is there if I only have the power plugged into it the "Auto Adjust" screen comes on and it's there too.

    Anyone ever had to deal with this problem before? Any LCD guru's that know how to fix it or what might have caused it?

    This really bites, I was days away from a complete install and now I possibly have to wait to RMA this thing.

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    Whew... NM... I opened it up and found a loose connection to the video contoller..

    Never open up an ELO before it's actually very well built..