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EBY-701 Native Auto-Switch Modification/Enable

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  • EBY-701 Native Auto-Switch Modification/Enable

    I've seen a few threads of people wondering how to get auto-switch working on the new EBY-701 screens, including some with rather creative solutions like using a relay to toggle the AV/Source button.

    Thanks to Dgr8wun who found a Russian website with a real solution, I was able to implement the modification. And due to a real lack of documentation (in English at least!)... here's how to do it!

    Apparently the EBY-701 shares the same board as the new 629GL monitors which seem to have auto-switching out of the box. The difference? Three components which are conveniently missing from the EBY-701. So, let's put them back in!

    You'll need (incl. Digikey P/Ns):

    Two 10KOhm 0603 surface mount resistors (Digikey# P10.0KHCT-ND)
    One NPN Bipolar transistor (Digikey# BC847BMTFCT-ND)
    Some stranded wire (I used 18awg.)

    Starting off, here is a picture of the board and the area of interest. Note: This was taken after I completed the work.

    Here is a zoomed-in shot of the components you need to add:

    The switch wire is soldered to a plated through hole on the board, just above the top-most added resistor.

    Each of these components have a white square next to their board labels meaning Do-Not-Install. Clearly it was intentional to leave these components off this version of the board.

    Another note: By populating these three components, you will be enabling video auto-switch for Video2. If for some reason you'd like to enable Video1 instead, you can populate a similar grouping of missing components that is to the right of the Realtek chip. I haven't verified this myself, but that's what the Russian forum said was true.

    If you want to attempt this, be sure that you have a sharp or hooked soldering iron tip because these solder joints are in a pretty tight space and the components themselves are very small. Also, this should be obvious... but remove the board completely from the monitor and use proper ESD protection before working. Don't forget that you run the risk of toasting the board if you apply too much heat or zap it!

    This worked like a charm, and I didn't need to alter any of the factory menu items for this feature to take effect. Apply +12V to the sense wire and the screen will switch to Video2, until the +12V is removed and it will switch back to your previous source. Connect the sense wire to your reverse lights and you're in business.

    Good luck

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    I don't know if I want to risk frying my controller yet, but thanks for the instructions


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      I did the same thing to my 701 when I saw a post of someone's install in which the screen already had the wire connected when he purchased it. I had him send me a high res photo of the circuit board and I was able to trace out the connection. It's been working great for over 2 months now.


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        thanx for the info. i have a 2008 629 which doesnt have the wire for autoswitch. that_kid, can u post a link to the pics that you looked at, to see if i can do it to my 629?


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          Any mention if this is possible on the older CCFL backlit EBY701 board?


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            Mate this is good, as I too struggles with the translation back here on the original thread and maybe this was only possible on the EBY-701 not the 629GL-70NP/C - CCFL backlit version??

            Also from the russian thread there seemed to be 2 different ways but I still couldnt figure out what was what

            [1]There a small PCB with a ATTiny chip and a few wires


            [2] Adding a Transitor and a Resistor to the PCB of the monitor?

            None of them made sense nor provided a DIY guide.

            This is my controller board for the 629 version so any info if this hack can be done with those few surface mount?

            I'd love to get mine auto switching when i select reverse, or I'll simply upgrade to the new version 669 with HDMI
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              I'm not sure about that board, my fix is specific to the newest EBY-701.


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                What about the same method for the old 629GL monitors, that DON'T include the reverse wire? Does anyone have any information on that they could help me with? Thank you.

                Basically, just a picture of the already wired 629GL motherboard will suffice I think.
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                  My board already had the components in place so all I had to do was add a wire to mine. For all other version I guess if we had images of models with the reverse wire we may be able to figure it out.


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                    Good info, and great semi-hack! I have the old CCFL version though so I probably dont have the same layout. It has been a while since I opened it up though...
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                      Originally posted by that_kid View Post
                      My board already had the components in place so all I had to do was add a wire to mine. For all other version I guess if we had images of models with the reverse wire we may be able to figure it out.
                      Would you mind posting an image of your board please?
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                        Ok i'll post some pictures later today.


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                          great, thank you!
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                            Partial thread hijack here - can anyone confirm if the newest 629 monitors (eg the one with HDMI+VGA+DVI inputs) still have the auto switch capability?

                            The shop front seems to indicate only one model of the 629 family comes with this pre-wired...


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                              Here's where I have my green wire conencted on my EBY701

                              Zoomed in for a better view