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  • GPS LCd > PC

    Hi, Im a REAL noob at this, so ill ask my question quickly.

    What kind of plug is this, and are there adaptors I can purchase to connect it to DVI/VGA or TV-out(s-vid/composite) ?

    All I know is that it supplies power and data. I've done extensive searching and can't find anything like it....I'm assuming it's quite old..?...

    All help apreciated

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    Model #'s or serial #'s?


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      I couldn't find any information frmo the model numbers on the back of the LCD.

      But here you go.

      And the rest is in japanese
      Maybe someone here can read japanese, so here's a pic of the back.

      Sorry it's so blurry.


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        Just found this; Doesn't look exactly the same, but is very similar.
        N-DV2300 Navigation System Specifications:
        Power Supply - 12v DC
        Current consumption - less than 2.5A
        Dimensions - 178x50x170mm (WxDxH)
        Weight - 2.0kg
        Reception frequency - 1575.42MHz
        Reception sensitivity - -130dBm
        Reception method - Parallel 8 channels
        Receiving code - C/A Code
        Channel system - Multichannel
        Channels - 8
        GPS Satellites received - 8 max.
        Guide Map - DVD SDAL format
        Picture Output - RGB (navigation screen) / NTSC 1.0Vp-p, 75ohms, RCA pin jack (navigation screen)
        Analogue audio output - Monaural 1ch 1.5Vrms (1kHz, 0dB)
        GPS Antenna
        Type - Microstrip Planer
        Dimensions - 42x14x50mm
        Weight - 120g
        Remote Control
        Dimensions - 41x40x155mm
        Weight - 65g
        Infrared Receiver
        Dimensions - 34x17x22mm
        Weight - 60g
        Basically that still doesn't help me much, but it could help someone help me


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          Damn, this is the kind of gadgets I like to get my hands on!

          It is perfect for the hobbyist.

          If you are handy with a soldering iron and a multimeter, PM me and I'll give you some tips on how to figure out the inputs/outputs and power connections.


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            I fonud out what kind of plug it was last night. Its an old Atari ST monitor plug.
            Heres the ST > VGA converter

            And I'll need a DVI > VGA to go with it.

            Thank god because I couldn't be worse with a sodering iron.

            Thanks for all the help everyone. Hopefully there is a place in NZ that sells these ST>VGA adaptors.

            I'll post back soon with pics on how it runs.


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                That may be the same connector, but that adapter is not gonna do **** for you.
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                  explain, because that doesn't exactly say alot.


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                    It's highly unlikely that LCD has the same pinout as the ST, even if it does use the same connector.


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                      I have guides that show me how to convert the Atari ST monitor cable into SCART and VGA. (however I have no soldering skills)
                      All the lines carry certain signals which seem easily rerouted.

                      Are you telling me this because you know or because you *think*? It all seems pretty pessimistic to me.


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                        Have a look at this.



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                          Here's some of the inner workers. There is another connector inside which may look familiar to somebody.


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                            I don't think that ST->VGA adaptor will work at all as you are going in the wrong direction.

                            That adaptor allows a video source that originates from a ST style output to be plugged into a standard analog VGA monitor. What you are trying to achieve is the opposite i.e take a std vga output and connect it up to a monitor that accepts an ST style monitor input
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                              Yeah sorry :/ I've got 2 threads asking about this and I said that in the other one but not this.

                              Nevertheless is would still help if I found either or.