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Glare Questions About LCD, Polarized Glasses or Transflective Treatment

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  • Glare Questions About LCD, Polarized Glasses or Transflective Treatment

    I got two questions I couldn't find an answer for. I'm making a quick post before heading to work so hope this makes sense.
    There is something I saw on the forums to improve the visibility of the screen through some process and it was a bit expensive, you send them your screen and they fix it up. I understand they don't make use of your old touch screen portion but do some sort of treatment to the actual screen. There were recommendations to use better screens. The guy posting on behalf of the company was unfamiliar with the names we know the screens as. Hope that makes sense.

    1. Do any of the Lilliput screen fall under this category?

    2. My other questions was if wearing polarized glasses will it help reduce the glare off the touchscreen or would it make it worse? Because even though I have tinting, I still wear my glasses a lot in my car. If it would make it easier to see, that would be convenient.

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    Well, I'll answer #2. When I wear polarized sunglasses, I can hardly read the screen due to the polarizing screens within the LCD itself. So while it could reduce the glare on the screen, the screen itself turns very dark.
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      I believe the answer you're looking for on #1 is either optical bonding, or a transflective upgrade.

      I have a new 2009 LED backlit lillput eby701 and have no problems with the polarized glasses. My old lilliput (ccfl) I replaced all the films with 3M vikuiti and the reflective polarizer from 3M made the screen impossible to see with polarized glasses.

      I replaced the films in my new panel with the 3M films and increased it's brightness and visibility (ESR is awesome for this) in sunlight..but left out the reflective polarizer - I can see fine with polarized glasses.

      So it really depends on the polarizer in your screen. Try it and see if possible.