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Mimo usb tft carpc problem

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  • Mimo usb tft carpc problem

    I'm going to use the mimo 720s as a primary screen for my carpc. I am testing it on my laptop with a carpc system called centrafuse. Everyting runs ok exept for one thing, when i choose a tool (like music) from the centrafuse main menu it opens the tool pop up on de laptopscreen and keeps the main menu on the mimo. Can someone please tell me how to fix this or work around.
    The pup up should be on the mimo also.

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    I have no practical experience yet with the Mimo's (found your post looking for opinions, etc), but thought I might offer this suggestion.
    Disable the primary/native laptop screen, then run your test; you might find it works fine as long as only the mimo is active. Of course this doesn't help you much if you wanted both running at once.
    Most laptops have a key combo FN+F5 or FN+F8 to toggle between one, the other or both monitors.

    Windows: Another aspect to consider is which monitor is selected as monitor 1 and monitor 2 in your display properties \ settings tab. Changing them from 2<>1 or 1<>2 might help also.

    Good luck.
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      ^yup. you might also need to 'train' the OS to open new windows in the mimo screen instead of the laptop screen-- just open the window, and drag it over to the mimo, minimize it, reopen the window, close it, and the OS should remember where to put that window..

      i have done this with my prologis usb screen--it's a cheap mimo knockoff..
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