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da-230I question (ATTN digitalWW)

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  • da-230I question (ATTN digitalWW)

    hey all,
    i just got my necvox da-230I tuner that i am adding to my system with the necvox da-7169 motorized screen. i have a few questions as the instructions that came with are schiznit. what do i hook the blue line labeled "hand brake detection cord" to? how do i hook up the rear-view camera as the connector is a ps/2 connector (like a keyboard)? thanks all,

    ps digitalww:
    when do you think i could get those 2 power harness's from ya? thanks!!
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    that handbrake detection wire is useless.. well not useless but if you hook it up you cannot turn on the screen while driving. it will only allow you to use the screen while in park. So you can leave that un-hooked.
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      Actually most screens that have a wire for the handbrake, you have to ground it for the screen to be used while the car is on.

      Typically most handbrakes are a ground loop when pulled, therefore that wire is essentially a ground wire. Without it connected to anything the screen more than likely never power on. At least this was the case with two screens I tested.