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Pixel Qi - could this be the future of carputer LCD's

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  • Pixel Qi - could this be the future of carputer LCD's

    Here is a new technology by Pixel Qi that looks promising for car applications

    - excellent readability in sunlight
    - lower power consumption
    - inexpensive

    The company is focusing on screens for netbooks and tablets, but just announced releasing a DYI kit for upgrading exisitng netbooks. I assume their initial products will be 10 to 11 inches, so we will have to watch for smaller screens and standalone monitors.

    It is not clear if they plan on releasing touchscreen versions, or if an seperate overlay kit will be required.

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    I think I will wait for this... I have heard really great things, and a 9-10" screen would work great for me.


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      Apparently the kits are available... I emailed them for pricing.


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        What were the prices on the 9 or 10 inch screen? I was thinking of using one of these screens as a second or third zone in my setup.
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          i am not seeing how this tech can transfer over to carpc's easily--

          the color mode of the qi displays only works with the backlight, and low power mode only works in greyscale, when the backlight is off, and the color is turned off.

          this pic was taken in greyscale:
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