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LCD controller for NEC NL8060BC31-28D

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  • LCD controller for NEC NL8060BC31-28D

    I am building a system for my boat using a macmini. I have sourced this NEC NL8060BC31-28D panel off ebay along with an ELO touch screen. I now need a controller to interface between the macmini (VGA) and the panel (LVDS).

    I have found great info on this site so far and I even found a post talking about this same panel where a Kontron CRTtoLCD-1 controller was used. Unfortunately this controller is long obsolete and the latest version CRTtoLCD-7 is overkill, end of life, and close to $200 sans necessary adapter cable.

    Does anybody know of an alternative simple controller just to translate VGA signals to LVDS that I could use. BTW, searching ebay drew a blank for earlier versions of the Kontron controller so if anyone has a lead on these now obsolete cards, that would be most welcome also.