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Anyone have the Lilliput 619GL-70NP? Need some help here...

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  • Anyone have the Lilliput 619GL-70NP? Need some help here...

    I've recently dug out my 6 years old 619GL-70NP (7" touchscreen) from the basement, was thinking to connect a video (not VGA) signal to it and then realized I've lost the RCA (or AV) cable that originally came with it! Bummer.

    So there's this 12-pin connector on the side of the LCD monitor, pretty sure it is where the AV cable would go. Anyone has the pin layout (or bother taking the time to test out the pins using a voltmeter or something) for that connector?? If I know the layout for the pins I can disassemble the unit and solder a wire to the contact for the video signal and be able to do what I need to do.

    I know some older units come with a standard USB/4-PIN type connector instead, that one is easy...however mine is the model with the 12-PIN.

    Big thanks!!
    Specs for my previous carputer:
    Car: 03 Maxima SE
    Carputer Hardware: AMD Athlon XP1800+, Full size MB, 512MB RAM, 20G HDD, FX5900, SB Live
    Screen: Lilliput 7" Touch
    Install pics:

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    Contact mp3car, I am sure they can get you a cable for that.
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