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Is this a new way to connect carputer to OEM navigation screen?

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  • Is this a new way to connect carputer to OEM navigation screen?

    So I have been looking into modifying my 03 G35's oem navi screen to display a pc on. I have searched and seen a few cases where people used an audio authority 9A65 to gain component input on a factory navigation screen that uses RGBS input (Although I have yet to see anyone make a thread where they used one on a Nissan screen). I was thinking about using that and just using a graphics card with component output.

    Then I saw this
    It claims to be able to convert a dvi output into an rgbs or component output. The rgbs can output a composite sync signal at either 0.3V logical 1 or 5V logical 1. Im not sure what the screen requires as of yet though. But has anyone used this converter/scaler yet? Could it work for oem nav screen?

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    Well the company emailed me back but they didn't seem to understand what I was asking about if the sync rate was around 15 kHz, they just emailed me back saying that the sync output voltage can be changed from 0.3V to 5V which is something I mentioned it having in the email. So it should have been obvious that I already knew that since I said, "I see that you can adjust the RGBs voltage to either 0.3V or 5V but what is the sync rate?" So I emailed them back and restated that I knew that but what is the rate, 15 kHz, or what?

    Anyway does anyone know of a good vga to RGBs converter and scaler? I read on an audi site that someone had a good one from Grandtec called Ultimate XP Pro but they used it when it first came out years ago and then recently (a year ago+) they bought another and went to use it and found out it no longer worked on the same screen they were using before. They had changed the firmware and they no longer work. They may have just disabled the RGBs output since its not really used in the US for anything.

    So what would you recommend for a VGA to RGBs converter?

    I know that my screen has a sync rate of 15 kHz, sync voltage of 5V, and it looks like the service manual shows the R,G,B voltage at 0.8 V so that shouldn't limit choices as most output at 1V and I can turn that down a bit with some pots if needed.