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7" Lilliput VGA dead, RCA works Can I get some HELP?

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  • 7" Lilliput VGA dead, RCA works Can I get some HELP?

    Last fall I had an issue with the power wire running my 7" Lilliput. I have had it for around 3 years. I had a short in the 12 volt power wire that came with it (yes smoke and everything, but the fuses did not short). Now when I connect a VGA signal to it, I get the "no VGA message". Then it self powers down. I can hook up a RCA video signal, and it works great as a TV monitor. When I plug in the USB cable for the touch screen, the computer just gives me the bloop noise as though it found a new USB device. It just bloops and bloops over and over, but gives me no balloon message as to a new device found. Any ideas? I would like to still use it as a monitor, touch screen would be nice. But if not, not a big loss.
    (Charger) Zotac IONX-B-E (Atom sing core) w/ 2gig ram Xenarc 705, M2-ATX, XP, RR&DFX5
    (Mustang) ECS mini-ITX (Atom dual core) w/ 2gig ram, Lilliput 809, M4-ATX, XP, RR&DFX5

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    nice! if it makes u feel better i have about the same luck...

    ima guess the vga portion of the board is toast ... u can get another touch screen controller for cheap, and most mobo's have s-video out, s-video to rca is easy, but we all know that the picture quality degrades over s-video

    just a thought... gooooood luck

    *EDIT: or u could part it out, i'd bet that some one else (besides me) droped one or two lcd panels