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Bare Bones Double DIN system

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  • Bare Bones Double DIN system

    Good Morning,
    I Would appreciate some leads as to what I'm looking for. I don't even know if such a thing exists though these days it seems no matter what you want it's available.
    I am looking for a double DIN sized LCD head unit. I do not need any type of built in GPS, no CD player functionality and also no amplifier either. I really am just looking for a double DIN LCD/Radio tuner with aux. input. I would like to mount it in place of my current OEM stereo and need to retain FM tuner ability. Otherwise all other functionality I want to run from a carputer, all my CD's are now in MP3 format and I also want a windows interface. My cars factory stereo system is amplified (all channels) so just some low level out signals should suffice. If not much more money, I'd take a amplified unit and eliminate my factory amp.
    thank you