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    Hi i have 2 lcd screens one is from an old ibm laptop and the screen name is: LG.Philips LCD model: LP150X2 (C2) 15" And the other one is an old samsung lcd screen to an regular pc the name on the screen is: Hannstar Model: HSD190ME12-A11 19"
    Now to the question can i connect the lcds to a LVDS interface ?
    And i have an old Agp graphic card with a 25 pin LVDS. Will it work with that ?

    I have the data sheet on the first screen but not at the second (canīt find it)

    Sry for my English i am from Sweden so thatīs why.


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    What is that graphics card you have ? You are aware that you need to flash the BIOS on your graphics card to reflect the timing requirements and resolution on your specific LCD panel to make it work ?

    I doubt it's an LVDS output you have, but let's get a picture of it for a start.
    Regards, Per.


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      Hi nvidia riva TNT2 ultra card. i have seen people use an graphic card with the same port to connect it to a screen.
      So the screens have an LVDS input?
      The graphic card looks something like this
      and another link