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  • Touchscreen Install help

    I am planning to use the IMO Pivot usb touch screen as my primary display on my 2006 Nissan Xterra. I tried searching for most of my queries but I still ve a few significant ones unanswered.

    1. Mounting the LCD to Dash. I saw a few projects where the faceplate was fabricated. I neither have the skills nor the equipment to do that. I plan to buy a double din face plate.

    How do you guys stick the lcd to the faceplate. I understand you can eproxy it ( any brands suggested?) but what about the circuit boards . How do you keep them stick to the facebplate or the lcd screen?

    2. ANy reviews on the IMP pivot USB as primary display?

    3. I have a pioneer avic 900 bt installed ( and stolen). SO I have the aftermarket wiring harness installed. How do I connect this to my computer. I dont plan to have a HU installed.
    I saw a thread where I was told that my amp must be able to receive rca inputs or aux inputs directly. BUt I dont know where my amp is in my Xterra ( pathetic I know) . Any help here would be super appreciated.