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LCD / Display Under Bonnet/Hood - Heat Issue ???

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  • LCD / Display Under Bonnet/Hood - Heat Issue ???

    Hey there guys,

    I have been thinking about this one for awhile and thought that i would ask the best source and resource on the web about this one...

    Basically the screen itself i want to secure to the inside of the bonnet itself and have it on a mount so when the bonnet is raised it will allow you to drop the display into a viewable position.
    This of course will be used for basic sensors and ecu display. This will leave plenty of room for new expansion...

    So yea any opinions on this more so in the heat issue, If not any others like fumes causing the plastic to break down or vibrations and what not..

    Added to this will be maybe a small numeric keypad for basic input/browsing. Added with a speech generated status and added loudspeaker for the audio. I would not use touch screen for this application either unless i had a spare old one around.

    The other option will would be better for a few cars is having the screen mounted/flushed with the plastic covers or sections that cover new engine bays. Thinking about it there might be a spot for one right in the center front sort of above the radiator.

    Anyway people, What are your thoughts.

    I could not find anything about this in the forums here, So if it has been posted. Sorry and can you share the link.
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    Base System = Raspberry Pi
    Everything else is pending for now as switched from a Mini-ITX setup

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    The ambient air temperature in my engine bay when the car is not in motion varies depending on the location, but I'm pretty much guaranteed to be above 120-150 at any particular point on an average temperature day (72F?). Granted, the car I'm talking about has a very large engine, smaller engines and engines with heat covers may differ.

    On another note, I'd expect you'd also need something waterproof.
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      Cooling would be a large part of this project, Thinking to test with the usual method of fan forced cooling along with a sealed unit and a duct feed from the thermo fan. Its something i will try at some stage with an old TFT i have laying around.

      Has anything like this been done on the commercial side?
      2004 Holden WL Caprice Auto GENIII
      Base System = Raspberry Pi
      Everything else is pending for now as switched from a Mini-ITX setup


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        LCDs seem to have problems above 50C (120F) - they tend to go black, but maybe rebiasing might solve that (though I don't think so).
        Maybe LEDs are the way to go....

        Keep in mind that displays will probably conform to the usual halving of life for every 10C or 15C (18F & 27F) increase in temperature. (Up until the destruction temperature).


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          In Darwin, I think you can kiss this idea goodbye unfortunately.

          The temperature, as well as the humidity up there will kill that screen in a short time, unless you are willing to invest serious dollars in IP54 sealing for it, while still finding a way to shed the heat.

          I think inside your engine bay will be a definite no no.

          However, why not make up a wiring harness that ends in a set of plugs on the underside of the bonnet, with a dust proof cap on them, and just have a screen you can clip into place when the bonnet is up?


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            The removable single clip screen was an idea as will work ideally with out many issues...

            Well looks like the ruling is leading to it should not be done or at least not with out a great risk. So will work on a simple plug n play for the bonnet...
            But being the destructive person i am, I think i will still try something with this and see how it goes over time. Where there is a will, There is a way.
            2004 Holden WL Caprice Auto GENIII
            Base System = Raspberry Pi
            Everything else is pending for now as switched from a Mini-ITX setup


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              OH WOW, in the hood? Well dont you also have to worry about water? Like when its raining, its going to splash up inside there. Only thing I can think of is adding a fake hood scoop, then recess the screen into the hood scoop and make a water tight and heat proof door. When you need it, simply flip open the door and the screen will flip out of the hood scoop. Just make sure its a hood scoop that is closed on all sides. When you attach to the hood, make sure it has a tight seal.
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