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TFT Panel Interchangeability? or OSD Removal?

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  • TFT Panel Interchangeability? or OSD Removal?

    Background story
    I had a SUPER/AVATAR brand LCD in my carpc since 2006 and it has been a killer, until I was doing a bit of work on the bezel and damaged the flex cable that actually goes from the TFT panel's controller to the TFT itself (not the long flex one that can be removed). After exhaustive soldering work, I found more damage to the flex cable that I couldn't repair (it's dual sided).

    Bought another LCD from an eBay seller near by so that it would arrive quickly. The new panel is very nice; uses a Hitachi TX18D11VM1CAA which the same one found in Lilliput LCDs. Very bright crisp screen.

    Problem is, the main controller board (one with the Realtek LCD controller/scaler) displays this hideous OSD with a blue background and "VGA" when you first apply a VGA signal to it. Needless to say, it looks terrible.

    Question 1
    Since both my old LCD and new one have Realtek LCD controllers (old one is a RTD2011, the new one is an RTD2660), and the connector for both panels is identical... can they be swapped?

    Question 2
    If the panels are indeed not interchangeable, I figure that I can some how disable the OSD. The datasheet for the RTD2660/2662 states that it has a built in MCU with OSD functions. The MCU supports a serial flash device up to 256KB... which explains why there is an Atmel EEPROM sitting directly next to the scaler. My fellow EE friend says that I can ground the I2C data pin and that might do it... anyone ever do that?