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iphone style dashboard and shaped LCD...

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  • iphone style dashboard and shaped LCD...

    Just curious if anything like this is currently being experiemented with. I think that the main problem would be in the odd shape of the dash board for the lcd and for the touchscreen overlay...

    I was thinking that everything from the dash area, connected to the center console could be a very sleek looking dash setup, where you would be able to add new guages with info based on the obd2...then you could click and drag them, resize them, reorder them...etc...and then like say I don't like where the AC controls are, I just move long as the input and the outputs are all regulated by the computer, then the hardest part would be making it all one big lcd and touch panel...

    I sort of got the idea from this video:

    I really like this dash, and if anyone could tell me any info about priceing or how to get it, that would be great...Thanks

    edit: oh not looking for the haptics and all that...just the general setup that looks blank and then lights up...thanks

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    I am unaware of any LCD that is commercially available and not rectangular in shape.

    What that has to do with the iPhone, I have no idea.
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      well I mean the dashboard as a iphone all one black touchscreen surface, and let developers make apps and stuff to add new gauges and stuff like that...

      two seperate things...the shape of the LCD would be an obsticle, to the original goal of an iphone style dashboard...


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        The easiest method may be rear projection of sorts, multiple projectors. Technically possible because if all your controls are through the computer there is very little behind the dash!!

        Check out some sort of fish eye simulator projection where software distorts the image to suit viewing surface ie projection onto domes. The projector is fixed behind the dashboard and the software creates a virtual shape (dash shape) for you to move all your icons / programs around and being rear projection it doesnt matter about the rest of the projected image because its hidden. If I was a millionaire id make a demo rig!