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Any Ideas for Flickering Video Problem?

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  • Any Ideas for Flickering Video Problem?

    Hi folks,

    I would really like to year your ideas on this problem with my screen.

    I was recently working in the dash and since then my Super LCD monitor has unstable video from the pc. It's powered by the inverter and has worked up until now. The symptom is the screen either flashes on, then dark every second or two, or it has a scrambled looking image. When bypassing the inverter and plugged into 110v it's fine. Tried another inverter and tried clamping inverter directly to battery to rule out wiring. It's also fine using the OSD when plugged into the inverter.

    Loose connections do not seem to be the problem here.

    Not sure whether it's a ground problem or voltage regulation or what. Any ideas?

    thanks in advance,