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The forever asked question--D945GSEJT to B089AW01

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  • The forever asked question--D945GSEJT to B089AW01

    So I'm pretty happy with my hacked eeepc 900, running EEEbuntu with a touch screen. But I need a new project and I think this is just the right level of "challenge." So I've got a D945GSEJT and B089AW01 on order.

    Most of what I'm going to do seems pretty straight forward to me. But I see that the LVDS connector on the D945 gets a lot of attention. Here's what I know so far. . .

    Intel disables the LVDS connection, probably to protect their RFI certification. There is software to create a driver, and enable the LVDS connector in bios--which must be reflashed.

    LVDS is a non standard standard. All the LCD panels seem to implement it differently--when they're actually using it and not using TTL. Digi-Key seems to have the connectors and pins needed to make the cable. I've managed to find wiring info for the monitor and the motherboard, and match the signals. (All bets are off with those tiny little pins tho.) Maybe the folks at Quadrangle can make me the cable--if I have the proper connection information.

    I need an inverter. Still a bit hazy on the details so far.

    Ubuntu v9.1 seems to have broken LVDS output, and Ubuntu/Debian don't seem to be among the distros supported by Intels driver making software.

    SO. . .You folks on this board seem to be the most knowledgeable on the subject of tiny little computers. Can some of you help me fill in some of the blanks?