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7" screen put together

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  • 7" screen put together

    So was wondering if its possible to use one of These with one of the 3M capacitive touch overlays and make a nice 7" capacitive touch screen for cheap, then just make a bezel that would work in a double din and install it. What I dont know is the type of cables needed to make this work. Anyone try this or have any ideas

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    pretty well a major task to make that work, your better off just buying a complete touch screen from or other places that replacement screen still would need vga input and the very fine wired cable that would handle the vga/power ect and then you would still need the touch kit hope this helps SNO


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      Ok well I have ordered one of the these(in the 7" size model#98-0003-3112-8) already and just trying to figure out the best screen (for a reasonable price) to put it on.


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        search on ebay for 7" vga unit non touch then, thats what i did. i got mine from 7" innovision, not sure if they still sell them as this was a few years ago


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          hey nightjumper I was wondering where did you buy that 3m touch panel kit? I found it on the product catalog but it doesn't show pricing or any suppliers to buy from.