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10.4" Touch Screen Replacement on EBay

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  • 10.4" Touch Screen Replacement on EBay

    While checking Ebay for touch screens, I came across this as an option to repair my old LCD instead of buying a whole new monitor.

    10.4" Touch Screen Replacement

    It looks as though it has everything that I'd need.... just need to crack open the case and put it on top and find/make a hole for the USB cable.

    What I want to know is, has anyone gone this route before (replace rather than rebuy)?
    Which technology is this (4-wire, 5-wire, 8-wire)? I'll ask the seller as well, but from the pictures I'm guessing 5-wire. And lastly, is this a reasonable price for this kind of panel?

    I've found some capacitive panels from 3M but I'm boned because I can't find anyone that would sell me just one panel..... so it's either this or get another monitor (unless I can find some way to mount the 15" ELO).

    So yeah, any thoughts?

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    hey was up

    I took that same route they work really well, i had a 12" lcd that i wanted touch, bought one of these, installed the drivers but after you do the 4 point configuration go back to the drivers and do the 24 point for better touch accuracy, a few days ago i hit a bump busted my screen but the touch panel still okay