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Need Lilliput 629 control board photos...

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  • Need Lilliput 629 control board photos...

    I have a 2008+ model Lilliput 629GL and I want to enable auto-switch for a rear view camera.

    I have the necessary resistors and transistor already in place (they were on the board from the factory)... What I don't have is a clear photo of where to solder the sense wire onto the board.

    I have searched various forums and requested photos from vendors (mo-co-so, MP3Car Store, etc.) and the manufacturer without success. So I'm casting a wider net in hopes that someone on the forum has a Lilliput 629 with the auto switch feature (factory installed) and will be willing to send a detailed photo of the control board (front and back) where the wire is soldered from the factory (not a modification).

    Please don't send a photo of the 701 board or of a modification. I am specifically looking for a factory-installed sense wire for the 629 board. While I understand that they are functionally identical, I have discovered that they are different in layout and circuit path. I have compared photos of the 701 (posted here on the forum) to my control board and while the resistor/transistor placement and circuit path is similar... there are differences.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance, advice and photos. Please PM for my e-mail address.