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weird issue with touch screen

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  • weird issue with touch screen

    I will start from the beginning. When I use my screen in the morning if it is under like 65 degrees the mouse will stick and bounce on the right side only. I have to turn the heat on the back of the screen to warm it up for the mouse to be responsive. Sometimes it will work right away and sometimes it will take a little bit. This is getting very annoying because I have to prestart my jeep every morning. Just a recently after the screen has been working for awhile and I go to the store, when I turn it off for like a half a hour, once I turn it back on I have the same issues. At first I thought it was a temperature issue but now I don't know. I don't have enough for a new screen so I was wondering if anyone experienced this kind of issues. Oh by the way it is a Lilliput 10.4 thanks