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  • Where to buy one off custom cables

    Hi All,

    I am one of the electrical engineers here at Quadrangle Products. Every now and again we have someone from come to us and inquire about custom cables. I figured I would register and throw my email out here in an effort to help some people out, and generate some business for the company.(never hurts right!!)

    Here is just a little bit about the company. Quadrangle products is a custom cable house and where we seperate ourselves from the few others that do this work is in the fact that we do not charge any design fees, and we do not have minimums to buy. As a lot of you have found out, the combination of hardware you can put together is nearly endless and they hardly ever sell the cables with it. We understand this, and its the reason why we make 98% of the cables we have manufactured as custom one off builds. We have designed over 15,000 custom cable configuration and that number is growing daily.

    If anyone is in need of a little information, or possible in the market for some custom cable I will be more than happy to give a hand! Just a heads up as to what we are looking for when it comes to making a custom cable. We manufacture mostly cables that interface to Flat Panel Displays. We also make the inverter and power cables that go with them. We make a variety of other cables too such as FFC's and FPC's, pretty much if we have the connectors, we will make the cable. Flat Panel Displays interfacing to Motherboard are where we really shine though. There are a wide variety of options when making the cable, from length, shielding options, grounding options, etc etc etc. The best bet is to just shoot me a email and let me know what you are trying to do. When it comes down to making these display cables, taking out the wire strippers, some black tape and a little elbo greese wont necessarily get the job done! Last thing you want to do is hook up one ground to a voltage and POOF, time to start searching on ebay for a new panel! I cannot tell you the times I have seen this happen!!!Moral of the story, you can get in over your head quick!

    So, if anyone finds they are in the market for a custom made cable, give me a shout!

    [email protected]