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  • real monitor resolution

    I see that no matter what manufacturer there is out there, they advertise their product as 16:9 aspect ratio, 800x480.
    Since i've been able to setup my monitor at 800x480 (nights and nights of hacking intel drivers to allow custome resolutions), cause they all say this is the native resolution, it looks like CRAP. Fuzzy fonts, rough edges, totally weird.
    So reading into it, i discovered that 856x480 (or 852 or 854) is a much closer resolution to 16:9 than 800x480.
    800x480 is actually a 5:3 resolution, not a 16:9 !!!
    Am I missing anything here? What do the experts on this forums have to say? What is the correct resolution for a 7" touchscreen? (i have the V70-XB -

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    It may very well be that the displays are running at their "native resolution", it's just that most fonts DO look like crap at that low resolution! There's not enough pixels to produce fine detail and smooth edges.


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      LOL, no, the fonts are fine at 800x600. The distortion comes from the fact that the native resolution is actually different that 800x480 and I am forcing something that is not a 1:1 pixel.

      I will probably go back to 800x600 as this looks like crap. 800x600 makes the GPS look so bloated on the horizontal though......


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        Most of the lilliput 7" screens are actually spec'ed at 15:9
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