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Misc Lilliput UM-70C notes

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  • Misc Lilliput UM-70C notes

    I got my Lilliput UM-70C about a week ago and thought Iíd share some notes in case anyone was wondering about one of these (the auto power in particular I couldnít find an answer to before purchasing):

    When the panel gets powered by the USB port, it enters a sort of suspend mode where the backlight is off. When itís enumerated on a basic USB level, the backlight comes on. Then, once the driver takes over, the display comes to life. Point being: you do not have to turn the monitor on manually, it will spring to life on its own.

    I donít have a way of measuring current, but none of the 4 computers I tried needed the second USB cable plugged in even when set to the brightest setting. So it looks promising that itís not taking significantly more juice than expected from a single port.

    It has 8 brightness settings. If we call these 1 to 8 with 8 being the brightest, it powers up at 5. It does not remember the brightness setting.

    I had excellent results running the display on a computer with only USB 1.1. Obviously you canít watch videos and such, but basic usage without a lot of scrolling (like in a web browser) was great.

    Packaging of the monitor was superb. Including multiple layers of protection for the screen.

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    thanks for the notes, how bareable is it during daytime with lots of sun?


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      Originally posted by o2sys View Post
      how bareable is it during daytime with lots of sun?
      I haven't had a chance to test that yet. I'm hoping to get it installed in the vechicle in the next couple weeks and will report back what I find, but I don't really have much to compare with.