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looking for the right touch screen for my car

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  • looking for the right touch screen for my car

    :I was wondering what you guys think would be the best monitor for my car pc! i have been installing for 11 plus year and i have never done a car pc around here its pioneer avic z2 z3 im sick of all the bull!a pc is the way to go i have a descent computer for my build hdmi out nvidia ion chip-set building a custom windows 7 ! i really want a 7inch monitor that touch that is compatible with the new windows 7 touch-pack! doesn't have to have hdmi but it would be nice! the touch compatibility is most important, it has to be able to somehow fit in a double din space. makeing a bezel is not a big deal! and has to be allright in the sunlight! i read up alot about the liliput 629gl 669gl 701 np 669 has hdmi < all are within 170 to 224 shipped. is hdmi really necessary in car do you who own one see a big diffrence? What do you guys think?? thank you!!!

    i see that the 669 has optional 5 wire resistance touch the others 4 whats the difference and can anyone support 2 touchpoints at the same time?[windows7 mulitouch] i really appreciate the help !!

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    Resistive screens can't do multitouch, I believe. 5 wire will add many many touches to the life of your screen, compared to 4 wire.

    At least this was the case a couple years ago when I last bought a car monitor.


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      I doubt you'll notice a difference in lifespan between 4 and 5 wire. 5 wire is supposed to be more accurate though.


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        I guess I may be trusting Xenarc, with their claims that 5 wire will go for 35 million touches, whereas 4 will go for about a million.

        I'd say accuracy is pretty important.