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Carputer, enlarge screen size, change rededit????

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  • Carputer, enlarge screen size, change rededit????

    Okay, I am trying to do two things.

    1) I have a Nesa NSM-777T monitor. It has a resolution of 1,440 x 234. In computer terms, that means I need the screen display to be 480x234 or smaller to look correct and be able to read every thing. I have increased the font size but that isn't near goo enough. The next step would be to go into regedit and change it there....I am guessing I could do 320x200? Please help me on this.

    2) There is about 1/4 of black space all around the computers image on the monitor. I need to get rid of this space so the image fits the monitor all the way. I have used the settings on the monitor and none get it to the desired location. I have been told to try but their program specifies no mx cards with the nv17 chip. my graphics card is a geforce 4 mx440 64MB ddr with TV out...thus I have the mx chip set and nv17.....

    here is a link if you want to see what the monitor looks like now with the display....only look at the last picture on PAGE 2...most current....

    Also, I updated to the latest driver for my video card but it wouldn't output to the tv....strange...tried 2 different downloads...had to fall back to my 2002 file...anyone got any ideas on this??

    Any help here is appreciated,


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    have you tried to change the DPI settings. It'll increase your font size and keep the current resolution. If you right click the desktop and hit properties, it'll bring you to display properties. Go to settings>advance and set the DPI setting higher. I think its default to 96, set it to 120 or higher till you can see the font.

    Not sure if I can help on the second one, would suggest powerstrip.