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Grounding VGA Cable

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  • Grounding VGA Cable

    Has anyone done this? Pictures? My lilliput is starting to experience lines at boot or when it load colors. But black/blank screen lines is minimal.
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    VGA cable (shield) should be grounded at the source (PC) if that's what you mean...


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      What do you mean by that, OldSpark?


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        Bless my vampire heritage.

        If interference is due to ground loops, break the loop.
        Hence for VGA (coax etc) shields, have it grounded at the source end only. The sheath should still shield - except when it acts like an antennae, though than a small cap could be used at the far end (blocks DC, shorts HF).


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          hmm, i'm confused haha. I think i understand what you mean by the small cap. Like the Ferrite bead?

          My VGA cable has a Ferrite bead at the end connecting to the computer. I still get the horizontal lines, though. My amplifier and M2-ATX are grounded at the same spot on the chassis.

          I dont konw what to do, I may try using HDMI cable rather than VGA, see if that works, it too has a ferrite bead on it.

          If that doesn't work, then i'll try fixing ground loop, somehow, even though i dont know where it could be or w/e, i might upgrade the Big 3 wiring/grounding


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            Small capacitor. But only used if separating the monitor end of the shield does change the interference but not fully work.

            It's a case of isolating the problem (pun unintentional), and it could be the PSU (M2) - eg - see power supplies with minimal radio interferance? (it's only 14 pages!) or M4 noise problem (urgent).

            Mine was merely a general suggestion/statement. You want others hereon to help you... (They are the experts!)


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              haha, that's true, i'm talking to the mo-co-so support team right now, they are the ones that fit the m2-atx into the case, hopefully they can help