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  • psone pal lcd hack

    Has anyone in Australia or another PAL country tried the PSOne LCD hack (M Pro's one)?

    I've been trying to get it working on my PSOne LCD (bought at Harvey Norman in Australia for $109, last one they had in stock. i'm lucky). Can't seem to get it to display anything at all.

    Wonder if there's a difference in the display settings for PAL and NTSC? Also noticed that the R, G and B signals are terminated to about 7k ohms instead of the standard 75ohms... kinda odd.

    Also, the R, G and B pins on the passthrough aren't connected directly to the R, G and B pins on the input..

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    Re: psone pal lcd hack

    There is no diff between pal/ntsc when it comes to this mod, sorry that I cant help you with the rest... I got my second gamevue today and will test it with the "normal" input from the psone male
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      Mpro is UK based, so it should be a PAL screen he is using. But as JOL said, that should be an issue.

      I'm trying to hack a PS2 Joytech 7" screen using the RGB connector wired to a VGA connector, and not having much luck either.
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