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EBY701 touch issues

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  • EBY701 touch issues

    I had to pull my car pc out for a system reload earlier this weekend, no issues with the monitor at all, it actually remained in the car for the duration. Upon getting the car pc reinstalled the touch screen wouldn't register 1/4" or so from the left and the bottom. I had lost my original mini-cdr that the seller on ebay gave to me with the monitor so I used both the eGalax and Touchkit programs (both are similar in layout and calibrations but slightly different).

    Doing a 4 point cali didnt help at all but a 25 point cali reversed my issues, meaning the top and the right side of the screen now are "numb".

    I attempted the lighter fix as mentioned in the sticky to no avail, remounted and demounted the screen/panel from the housing, and I've searched tirelessly on the forums. I realize this is a flameable topic to open up but I have run out of options. The fact that the 2 calibrations produce reverse results leads me to believe that it is a software and not a hardware issue. Is there anyway to get my old drivers from somebody? I had no issues before the OS wipe and I could I'd gladly throw in my old hard drive and test it again but the OS got hosed.

    Windows XP
    p4 mobile 1.2GHz
    M2-ATX psu
    512MB ddr RAM

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    Did you "Clear & Calibrate" then run a full "Linearization"?