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KS0066 LCD and programming - What platform?

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  • KS0066 LCD and programming - What platform?

    I've been out of this forum for a few years now, but I've recently been getting into the more complicated side of things, and want to start learning a platform.
    To be more specific, I want to build a basic multifunction alphanumeric display that can display different information from various vehicle sensors. My vehicle (1994 Nissan Terrano/Pathfinder w/ TD27T engine and auto transmission) is pre-OBDII, and I'm fairly sure doesn't use any standard diagnosis system.

    I want something that can display the following information for me;
    Pre/Post IC Boost Pressure - voltage/resistance based sensor
    Pre/Post IC Charge air temp - voltage/resistance
    Pre/Post Turbo EGT - voltage/resistance
    Water Temp - voltage/resistance
    Fuel level (twin tanks) - voltage/resistance
    On-board air tank pressure - voltage/resistance
    (I'm beginning to see a recurring theme)
    I may also want to input frequency (speed/engine speed)

    So I need to learn a programming language to drive a KS0066 LCD display.
    What's going to be the most effective for me to learn?

    I did Visual Basic programming way back in school, but can barely remember any of that anyway.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    I would recomend that you get some kind of evaluation kit with an alpha numeric panel onboard that fits your need.

    Best thing then is to look through the examples on how to write C code for that display.

    You then need to interface your sensors and maybe some control buttons, and that is a different story...
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      Okay, so it looks like I need an Arduino board, a multiplexer board, and an LCD module, and will have to start from there.

      The multiplexer I need is out of stock everywhere though. It's a matrix of something like 48I/O.


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        I was thinking more on the line of this
        Maybe I just do not understand your project.
        Anyway. I guess you are on the go now.
        My car installation mp3car thread "showing off project"